Please register separately for each person attending. If you have technical issues with online payment, please send an e-mail to Membership at with name(s) of registrant(s).

Registration deadline is one week prior to the Professional Development or Lunch & Learn session. Please note the separate registration sections for Bi-Monthly Lunch & Learn, Membership, and Professional Development.

If registering for a Bi-Monthly Lunch & Learn, as well as a Professional Development, you must register for each.

Note: Students MUST present a valid, unexpired driver’s license.

Membership is on an individual basis for $95 per calendar year. Student memberships are available at $50 per calendar year to those attending an accredited college. A copy of the student’s valid, unexpired student ID is required to receive the discount.

Becoming a member is easy with THREE ways to register and TWO ways to pay!

You can register by:

You can pay by:

  • Using the appropriate Membership box below


  • Mailing a check to the PO Box listed below. Please make checks payable to Bluegrass Compensation Association

Bluegrass Compensation Association
P.O. Box 54867
Lexington, KY 40555-4867


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